Universal Children´s Day Celebration: #OLPC

We would like to celebrate the Universal Children´s Day declared by the United Nations next Tuesday.
How? We will meet in twitter and have a great conversation about OLPC. This means we will meet and mention a #hashatag: #olpc and make a session of Questions and Answers regarding OLPC and our deployments.
When? November 20th, 7p.m. EST.
Why? We can share our websites, studies, photos, videos, wiki links, etc. about kids in projects
Please find attached invitations and feel free to share and invite your friends and followers!


OLPC MéXicO (yes, it’s a play on letters) has been writing about their current work (in San Luis Potosí, Nayarit, and Mazahuas) and future plans on their website.  Recently they’ve hinted at getting children in Mexico to program robots using their XOs, following in the footsteps of Peru and Plan Ceibal.  That was always my favorite part of construction class…

They’re also maintaining an active Twitter feed, with their favorite quotes and clips from OLPC’s history as well as from education projects in Mexico today.  Both are worth following.