OLPC Services: Technical Support

A key component of each OLPC educational program is sustainability. Implementing a sustainable educational program requires an effective, long-term technical support strategy. OLPC works with local teams to develop a system and processes to deploy the laptops and to provide ongoing maintenance and technical support services.

OLPC designs technical platforms that include integrated infrastructure and connectivity in order to provide secure internet access and a security system which disables the use of the laptop in case of loss or theft. These platforms are created with the input and guidance of local stakeholders in an effort to address local needs.

OLPC’s technical support services include customization of the operating system and content. We provide training on the technical processes of maintenance, repair and disassembly of the laptops. We help each program to create a system to manage spare parts for the laptops. We work with local teams to define and design connectivity requirements to ensure internet access in every participating school. We advise local teams as they configure, install and administrate schools servers and support infrastructure, including the laptop’s security system.

OLPC’s technical support services facilitate the development of local capacity and ensure the long-term sustainability of each educational program.

To learn more, visit http://www.laptop.org.

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