Liaison Technologies Supports OLPC School in Nicaragua

Earlier this month, Liaison Technologies joined forces with One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) to support education in Central America. Thanks to a generous contribution from Liaison, the OLPC education program in Nicaragua implemented by the Fundacion Zamora Teran has expanded to include children in the Bautista Betania School in Sandino City.

OLPC is a non-profit organization created to provide every child in the world with a quality, innovative education. As part of its comprehensive education program, OLPC provides each participating student and teacher with a rugged, connected laptop computer, in addition to the training and support needed to realize each student’s full potential. OLPC provides on-going teacher training and technical support training to participating schools, as well as a monitoring and evaluation program. OLPC’s partner in Nicaragua, the Fundacion Zamora Teran, has implemented the OLPC education program with more than 65,000 children throughout Central America.

As a leader in cloud-based integration and data management technology, Liaison Technologies is shaping the integration marketplace with innovative solutions designed to meet today’s toughest data challenges. From complex integration and data management to the brave new frontiers of big data, Liaison’s secure solutions break down data silos, reduce inefficiencies, and uncover actionable insights.

Liaison Technologies chose to partner with OLPC as part of its ongoing mission to make a lasting impact in and beyond the communities they live, work, and serve. Liaison is committed to helping forward-thinking organizations unlock insights that have the power to sustain our planet, revolutionize lives, and improve societies. With this contribution, Liaison is supporting OLPC’s efforts to transform education, lower the barriers to technology in Central America and provide a brighter future for all.

For more information, please visit Liaison Technologies and OLPC.

OLPC is grateful for Liaison Technologies for its continued support for education!

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