Positive Results from OLPC Program in Baitadi, Nepal

In September of 2016, OLE Nepal implemented the OLPC education program in fifteen schools in Baitadi. OLE Nepal deployed OLPC laptops and installed digital libraries in participating schools. Teachers in the program schools attended a training program focused on developing the skills they need to integrate technology into the classroom.  OLE Nepal also provided two teaching residents to support the program schools throughout the first year in order to provide ongoing support to students and teachers.

The results are positive. A comparison of baseline and mid-term  results revealed “students have made an impressive improvement in learning English, Science and Mathematics.” Students showed improvements in all three areas.

On behalf of the OLPC community, congratulations to OLE Nepal on these impressive results!

Read about the important OLE Nepal OLPC program HERE.

Thanks to OLE Nepal for its incredible commitment to the OLPC education program and children in Nepal!

Happy faces at pilot school (OLE Nepal)

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