One Laptop per Child Launches Social Program with Colombian Government

Miami, FL. One Laptop per Child Association (“OLPCA”) announced today that it
has entered into an agreement with the Colombian Government through La Agencia
Nacional para la Superación de la Pobreza Extrema –“ANSPE.” ANSPE is responsible
for the development and implementation of a strategy to alleviate the most severe
poverty in Colombia. The ANSPE initiative is under the direction of the President’s
Office and ANSPE Director, Samuel Azout.

Under the agreement, OLPCA will provide its XO laptops to children in Chia,
Colombia. The project aims to support children as the catalysts to improve the
overall welfare of their families. The children will use specially designed software
and games on the laptops to facilitate greater use of the laptops by their parents.
Through the provision of education to both children and their parents, ANSPE hopes
to find that the overall welfare of the family improves. Children will use the laptops
in school and they will take the laptops home after school. Traditionally, 70% of
laptop usage in an OLPCA project occurs outside the classroom. This is one of the
first projects that will formally evaluate the benefits to the parents and the family
from the availability and use of a laptop in the home.

“OLPCA has always played a significant role in increasing social inclusion through its
projects. To work with the national government and ANSPE on a project that could
be expanded nationwide is a great opportunity for OLPCA,” said Rodrigo Arboleda,
CEO of OLPCA. “OLPCA has a long history in Colombia, with over 30 projects in
different locations, and we are honored to be selected by the Government to start
such an innovative program for the alleviation of poverty,” said Arboleda.

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