OLPC Selects MyCityWay To Deliver Creative Urban Content for Kids Ages 6-12

As part of its expansion, One Laptop Per Child, has selected MyCityWay, a mobile tech company that produces personalized mobile apps to guide people’s experiences around cities, as a core technology partner. MyCityWay will develop a platform and apps that combine MyCityWay’s signature high-tech location-aware services with a compelling interactive family-oriented education experience that helps young students explore their dream profession in context with their city and surroundings.

This partnership marks one of One Laptop Per Child’s first major efforts to develop education content and other programs for American students across the US and then worldwide in OLPC deployments, beginning next year.  MyCityWay will deliver a location-aware educational experience on Android-based devices offering multi-dimensional content on the themes of exploration and discovery related to a student’s environs.

“We see this opportunity opening up the world in new ways for young Americans,” said Sonpreet Bhatia, co-founder of MyCityWay. “This project utilizes our location content and personalization capabilities for educational purposes, which we believe will make a significant difference in the lives of the next generation of Americans.”

This is a significant U.S. initiative for One Laptop Per Child whose mission is to empower the world’s underserved children through education.  The organization’s aim is to provide each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected device.

“MyCityWay’s platform and apps offer new ideas and possibilities for American students,” said Rodrigo Arboleda, CEO, One Laptop Per Child. “We see this partnership allowing us to spark larger conversations with students and their families about the future, and realize that there is not just one path to achieving a goal.”


Founded in 2009, MyCityWay, based in New York City, is a mobile tech company that produces self-learning, personalized mobile interfaces and apps to guide people around cities.  Today, the company’s apps service has grown significantly connecting with consumers in more than 85 cities around the world. MyCityWay’s platform delivers unique mobile apps and targeted engagement for major brands in media, travel & hospitality, and events.  For more information visit our website

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  1. i got so magnificent information from here. As with laptops for adults, your children can carry these computers wherever they might go even if there is no main grid to hook up with.

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