Joanna Stern takes a detailed look at the XO-3

Joanna Stern, who has reviewed many OLPC models in the past, takes an in-depth look at the XO-3 prototype at CES, in a detailed review for The Verge. In addition to an excellent writeup, she interviews Ed McNierney while exploring the laptop in person, in what looks like Max Headroom’s office. They talk about everything from hardware and power to software and deployment.

They also took the best set of photos of the XO-3 and solar-cover to date!

1 thought on “Joanna Stern takes a detailed look at the XO-3

  1. Dear OLPC Folks,

    Three rather urgent questions in view of the impressive features of your latest model:

    1) Why has OLPC ended the “Give One-Buy One” program? When the program resume? Resumption of the program would seem to result in a huge win-win situation with no adverse consequences. Are other factors at play? If so, can you disclose these factors?

    2) Where is there a list & description of application software which runs on on the OLPC computer?

    3) What is OLPC policy on use of your computer by financially disadvantage
    adults (even in previously rich countries such as the US)?

    Best wishes!

    Thanks in advance for a timely reply,

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