Gizmodo: Hands-on with the XO-3 from CES

Brian Barrett at Gizmodo, which has followed the XO-3 development quite closely, published a detailed hands-on review of the first prototype from CES.

It is a lovely review, well worth the read.  His crew also took some fantastic photographs of the tablet in action:

6 thoughts on “Gizmodo: Hands-on with the XO-3 from CES

  1. looks fantastic! i hope it gets shipped with the solar pannel/cover?
    how does it work?
    The handcrank was often debated it may overburden childrens constitution.

    I’ve participated in the first G1G1 and would very much like to participate in another. I’d be very interested in the XO-1.75 either.

    Very happy XO-1 owner here. Even if the software was horrible at the beginning, with each software release it improved significantly. The current 11.3.0 works like a charm!

    • We would love to make one or both models available to the public as well, though we haven’t had time to organize another G1G1. We’ll let you know if something like this gets underway, once the tablet is closer to mass production. The solar panel would be an option, but not required. Details on how it works are still under wraps, but I can tell you it’s pretty awesome 🙂

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