The XO-3 tablet is on display at CES

As foreshadowed 18 months ago, an XO-3 prototype is debuting at CES this weekend, and will be shown off next week at the Marvell booth. Here is a sneak peek at what it looks like:

If you are heading to CES, you can stop by and see it yourself! Ping Giulia to set up an appointment, or drop by the Marvell booth. Charbax of will be on site as always, recording some video and interviews.

The XO-3 will sport a 1024×768 Pixel Qi screen, half-gig of RAM, and a Marvell Armada PXA618 chip. Some of the soft cover designs proposed so far include a built-in solar panel. More updates coming over the next week; for now, here is our CES press release.

The XO-3 is still planned to enter production at the end of this year.

21 thoughts on “The XO-3 tablet is on display at CES”

  1. Love seeing innovation like this… tomorrow’s kids cutting their proverbial digital teeth on sugar, squeak, and all the rest of the educational software that gets jam-packed into these units.

    1. Thanks, Paul — so do we! Some of them are already making amazing things; check out Uruguay’s national Scratch contests and the growing LatAm use of Etoys…

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