A great new schoolsever blog

George Hunt has recently been experimenting with the XS schoolserver (currently XS 0.7) on various hardware setups.  And he is tracking his work on a blog dedicated to the purpose.  We are now including it in the OLPC Planet newsfeed.

It’s a good read if you have been trying similar things at home or in your own school.  You can contact him with questions or comments through his blog.


EduTech dinner this Tuesday

Community-organized Haitian EduTech Dinner, Tuesday night 5PM SHARP: at OLPC HQ.

Please join! Best of all, Boston’s Haitian Coalition will
join our OLPC_Boston monthly community meeting to discuss certain very intriguing next-gen EduTech plans (OLPC, Sugar,http://open1to1.org etc) emerging in Somerville Massachusetts, as well as the 400 OLPC laptops shipping to Haiti shortly,
with Waveplace’s own Beth Santos flying in to Boston en route to Haiti.

And Marina’s blog (saigonolpc.wordpress.com) is just 1 of many now summarizing other incredible volunteering-is-NOT-a-spectator-sport work on Planet OLPC.

We dearly hope to see you Tuesday — with 9+ tangentially related trips in February alone, among some very connected AND deeply dedicated Friends education/tech thinkers and doers in Boston here, it’s clear there will be tons to discuss! Dinner is being prepared; optionally feel free to bring desserts/drinks if you can and RSVP.

Then join us taking the next step in this critical educational design challenge — 1 humble country at a time 😉

Designing a new look for laptop.org

Our new site design, first mentioned earlier this year, is close to fruition. You can now see our alpha site online.

We are working on ways to better link the site, wiki, and blog together, and to aggregate and point to every site in the OLPC community. For now, you can add information about your own projects and websites, and links to them. We will be working on other visualizations of this data, and connecting our map of major deployments with the growing olpcmap network, over the coming month. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

An overview of stories

OLPC South Asia takes flight

A network of South Asian OLPC deployments (including India, Sri Lanka and Nepal) are working together to share knowledge and outreach. Support gang member Shirish Goyal has put together a gorgeous portal covering work in that part of the world, at olpcsouthasia.org

OLPC South Asia homepage

OLPC South Asia homepage

I felt a momentary pang of jealousy, looking at that design. But I satisfied myself with the knowledge that we will have a vibrant new look of our own soon, with the blog integrated into our main site. Here’s another sneak peek: