butiábot: XO Linerider robot in action

Team BUTIÁ from Uruguay has been working on an XO robotics project for over a year. They showed off their line-following XO-robot, butiabot, in Montevideo this weekend. An XO running TurtleArt code hooked up to a mobile robotic platform followed a dark line along the ground.
XO on top of a flat wheeled robot, showing the TurtleArt program controlling it

They have posted some details of their prototypes online.
This reminds me of the XO hack to control a Roomba over the Net, but cooler, with Turtle Art and a realtime-hackable control program.

3 thoughts on “butiábot: XO Linerider robot in action

  1. OLPC kids have hacked their laptops and turned them into robots.
    Meanwhile big educational ngo’s like UNICEF, Global Partnership for Education still continue in their linear thinking: “we’ve learned with books, pens and a teacher in front of the class”, and keep spending all the money in making plans and if there’s some money left in books and pens, and question if a solar powered open source rugged laptop at 27 euro/kid.year +500 ebooks makes sense.
    1. http://www.globalpartnership.org/blog/surveying-ict-use-education-central-and-west-asia
    2. http://www.globalpartnership.org/focus-areas/conflict-affected-and-fragile-countries

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