XO-3 concept design is here!

Update: thanks for all of the feedback on the design!  There has been some discussion about materials, and a few interesting pieces have passed around the office, but no new eye-candy is forthcoming for a while — we’re busy getting the 1.5 out the door.

The XO-3: it’s designed to be thin, sleek, and touch, while continuing to lower power, cost, and material waste.  We’ve been anticipating the new designs for a while, and now they’ve arrived!  As announced in Tuesday’s  press release, after our upcoming releases of our 1.5 and 1.75 models next year, we are looking at the XO-3, a thin touchscreen tablet, for 2012.  Here are the latest images from the Fuse design team:

xo3 1

xo3 2

xo3 3

xo3 4

xo3 5

xo3 6

xo3 7

xo3 8

xo3 9

xo3 10

162 thoughts on “XO-3 concept design is here!

  1. I just saw a story about this on a Sunday morning news show featuring design. I am so impressed and love that so many children were helped globally. I wonder why we can’t put these in the hands of our teachers in classrooms where we have 2 or 3 computers per 22 or more students? Even if we could have 1 for each pair of students, imagine what that could do! I hope your firm continues this type of work for a long time to come! Thank you.

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  3. hi i work for an NGO in Nigeria and we provide free digital (I.C.T) learning opportunities to school aged children in Underserved community secondary schools. we want to get these laptop for the kids how can we purchase them. u can send me an email @ ohimaio@mindafrica.org..

  4. i runs my own school , where we provide education to the poor and needy children in a little town, there are so many others school also but they get very high fees, and the poor family are not afforded to provide the education to their children, we want to get these device for our student so that they can be get much knowledge of global zone, need your assistance in this regard please.

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