Fedora 10 on SD

Here’s a quick link to the Fedora 10-on-XO SD card, now available individually via Amazon.  Please let me know when yours arrives; I have ordered one in the mail, and it came in short order.  This was a much better experience than burning my own, but the boot time is still too slow.  Trying to boot a stock F10 image doesn’t make sense.  The real win will be the ability to switch between F10 and Sugar environments on the sane NAND — similar to a project Scott was working on half a year ago.

I also want to point out some of the lovely international OLPC blogs and sites that are being added to the sidebar, including olpcapac.  Some of them I like as much as our raptor friends.  There should be a couple of longer posts about this coming out soon, on the Fedora-OLPC list.