NUR-New Educational Strategy: OLPC

NUR aims to promote digital inclusion, in order to reduce the digital division and enable more and better access to education and culture.
But the mere inclusion of technology in schools does not ensure compliance with the target if it is not accompanied by an educational proposal in line with the new requirements, both for students and teachers.
Thus, the project is based on a complete system that seeks to ensure the use of technological resources, teacher training, development of appropriate content, as well as family and social participation.Nur is the result of going one step forward: A New Educational Strategy in Armenia (Նոր Ուսումնական Ռազմավարություն)
NUR was conceived, as the result of Mr. Eduardo Eurnekian’s strong will to give Armenian children the opportunity to a quality education.
NUR introduces a revolution that implies maximising educational opportunities.
NUR is a community project because it involves teachers, students and their families.

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