XO at school: building shared knowledge – lessons learned

In this link you can download an e-book written by Professor Valente’s group at UNICAMP about the usage of the XO in one school.

The book registers the research done by his group with 520 XO’s donated by OLPC in 2009/10, around a participatory methodology to deploy laptops at schools.

The book is in portuguese only.


This book chronicles some search results “ XO in school and beyond: a proposal for semiochemical participatory technology, education and society“developed in EMEF Fr Emilio Miotti, Campinas (SP), between 2009 and 2012.Considering that digital technology has transformed the way we interact, communicate and live in contemporary society, the school as an institution and social organization, can not remain oblivious to these changes. In this space, building knowledge and skills sets technology serves as a catalyst for change. The book summarizes the studies and proposed solutions to problems raised by members of the school community – teachers, administrators, students, parents and researchers – from the use of a participatory methodology based guided the deployment of laptops through educational settings where technological resources are used in a significant way to school and bringing benefits to society.

Maria Cecilia Calani Baranauskas, Maria Cecilia Martins, Rosangela de Assis (Orgs.)

Via: Juliano Bittencourt

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