XO upgrade kits update

Thank you for your interest in the XO upgrade kits.

At this time, there is a minimum order quantity of 100 kits. If you are interested in ordering 100 upgrade kits or more, please contact Leah@laptop.org  at OLPC for further details. Make sure you indicate the SKU of the units you want to upgrade.

Unfortunately, due to packing, shipping, customs and warranty logistics, OLPC is currently unable to offer upgrade kits for orders under 100 kits. The costs of shipping individual components packed properly is high.

Order quantities of 1000 kits and larger can be processed faster and at lower cost.

If you have an early XO laptop and would like to see it run better and faster, our latest Operating System release can give it a new life, see http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Release_notes/12.1.0 .

We thank you for your interest in the OLPC project.


3 thoughts on “XO upgrade kits update

  1. I’d be happy to help distribute the kits if someone was to purchase 100 pack of upgrades to make available to G1G1 folks like us. I would sign up for 2 if they are available.

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  3. Well if someone out here in the US buys a 100 pack.. please let me know as I would like to purchase a single upgrade kit.

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