April olpcMAP updates

We’re hosting an olpcMAP discussion session at our Cambridge HQ on Wednesday night, with students (and future collaborators!) from Tufts. If you can’t be there, catch up on recent additions and developments to the project with this month’s olpcMAP update.

Meanwhile, mapping maven Nick Doiron shares the view from his seat in Montevideo, where he is a resident hacker this month with Plan Ceibal.

2 thoughts on “April olpcMAP updates

  1. Hello Louise! The best way to get involved is to email volunteer@laptop.org with a note like the one you left here about your interests. We have an active grassroots support network helping deployments around the world.

    You can visualize some of that network above at olpcmap.net if you filter out the deployment layer. We always need more help responding to interested groups and potential supporters, and triaging requests or reports from the field. And we try to match willing mentors with new OLPC software and content and research projects to help them get the support and feedback they need to be successful.

  2. Wow! Heard about OLPC years ago; thought it went under due to corporate meddling; so glad to find y’all are steaming along! I’m not myself the most savvy at e-communicating and I’m eager to learn about how your effort is set up, who’s involved, how I can help/participate. When is the next Boston area event (sic)?

    I’ve taught in many countries/cultures, even did a workshop at Tufts Medical School but so far I’m pretty low-profile; maybe I can be useful to you in some way…

    Thanks for any orientation you can give me to how you’re set up, who’s doing what, where I might be useful, etc.

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