How classroom XOs can help Rwanda’s economy

Rwanda aims to complete deployment of their next 100,000 children by next summer. National project coordinator Nkubito Bakuramutsa was interviewed this week for an article in the Irish Times.

They discuss recent successes and policies at the Rwandan schools that have deployed the first batch of XOs in the country. Kagame and the teachers involved are both optimistic that they will transform their society into a leader in technology advances. Kagame aims to triple the nation’s economic output over the next 10 years.

3 thoughts on “How classroom XOs can help Rwanda’s economy

  1. Fernando, that is very kind. I will get in touch with you about the idea.

    Tamisha, we are working with kids in our own country – some 20,000 of them by now, mainly in Alabama and Pennsylvania. We would gladly do more, but it is true that we focus our energies on parts of the world that have no alternatives. Schools in the US and other developed countries generally have access to power, roads, and technical help within a day’s drive…

  2. To think, kids in our own country have 10 computers per school (if that), but Oh well, lets forget about them, lets worry about everyone else first! How does that make sense?


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