Sinhala/Tamil XOs in Sri Lanka

OLPC is making great strides into Sri Lanka, as reported recently in the Sri Lanka Daily News. The small island country, just off the southeast tip of India, is looking to turn a corner after years of internal strife, exacerbated by the devastation of the Tsunami in 2004. It is with great pride and anticipation that OLPC is able to join the Education Ministry and University of Colombo in their goals to provide the nation’s younger generation with skills in Information Technology and the English language.

These complimentary√ā¬†aims, reported by the paper as a motivation for the program that will bring 1,250 new laptops to students in thirteen separate schools, have been widely cited as twin engines propelling innovation and progress in Bangalore, not far across the Palk Straight.

1,250 XO laptops are heading to Sri Lanka!

In addition to the operating system in English, the computers are enabled to operate in either Sinhala or Tamil languages. Please check in (or, better yet, leave word) for progress updates coming out of Sri Lanka. We’re very excited about this new venture and can’t wait to hear back.

2 thoughts on “Sinhala/Tamil XOs in Sri Lanka

  1. Hey Daniel — thanks for pointing that out, this shot is indeed from Paraguay. We don’t yet have pictures of the XO’s shipping into Sri Lanka, so just wanted to capture the feel of our machines on the move.

    For that matter, if anyone gets any photos from the Sri Lanka venture please post a flickr link to this blog — we’d truly love to see them!

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