Come Meet the New XO-1.5

The OLPC hardware sneak peak event of the year is heading toward DC!
It's not the machine. It's the movement.

Samuel Klein from OLPC will be presenting the newer, faster, stronger X0-1.5 laptop.  There are some great new additions to our education-enhancing machine, and plenty to get excited about.*

As most of you know, One Laptop per Child has been working tirelessly to spread education/information access across the globe – mostly in the remotest locations – while simultaneously ramping up quality, pushing down costs, and searching for ever-improving environments for the XO’s hardware and software. Come by, sit back, and enjoy a well-guided tour through fascinating complexities and dramatic possibilities that are developing both on the home-front and in the fields.**

OLPC Learning Club DC and HacDC are also expected to announce their joint launch of an XO Lending Library and share details on the local activities that keep OLPC and Sugar Labs going strong.

We hope you will join us and engage in the conversation, helping to push the frontier of education, information accessibility, and collaboration into the revolutionary years ahead.

Where:  HacDC, on 1525 Newton Street NW, Washington, in the church sanctuary

When: Tuesday, September 8th, 7:30pm

* See for instance the XO-1.5 hardware specs .

** Looking to get ahold of a brand-new XO-1.5? Developers, teachers and contributors are encouraged to complement the new XO with new learning content, as always

Update: This will be taking place during our Community Book Sprint (September 6-11) capturing stories of real-world classroom issues. Get in touch to help out over the coming week!

2 thoughts on “Come Meet the New XO-1.5

  1. Hi sola, you can definitely hack a 1.5 board into a 1.0 body, though I haven’t done it myself yet. I don’t believe they will be sold separately, and it’s not clear whether there will be a program like G1G1 this year; but as soon as we know how the new machines will be available, we’ll blog about it.

  2. Maybe a bit unrelated:

    Do you have some information on the status of making the XO-1.5 baseboard compatible with the XO-1 so the new baseboard could be sold as an upgrade to G1G1 XO-1 buyers and earlier country projects?

    This is a topic of interest by many XO-1 owner.

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