Update: Dailymotion XO-ready videos, Lennon hits 100k views on Youtube

The OLPC group on dailymotion recently crossed 400 child-friendly videos formatted for the XO.  This is something neat you can contribute to easily, and pass on links to your XO-laden friends, so pay attention:

  1. Make an account there [and join the OLPC group while you are at it]
  2. Add a new video there
  3. Wait for it to be approved and converted
  4. See it show up on http://olpc.dailymotion.com/
  5. Sit back and enjoy watching it on your XO!  That’s all there is to it.

Meanwhile, the OLPC video presence online has been growing rapidly elsewhere.  The Lennon piece hit 1200,000 views on Youtube (for an ogg version, see Lennon on Dailymotion)–  nothing compared to a catchy pop song or a thumbnail with bared skin, but it put us in the top 10 for the day, and has almost doubled the number of subscribers to our channel in 2 days.  Nice!  A good foundation for amplifying great OLPC videos in the future.   Leave a comment if you have a video you would like us to post.

At last we’ve posted something more popular than the video Shenki made eons ago of an 8- and 10- year old repairing an XO!  I still remember tracking down the freely-licensed Jamendo soundtrack at 3am.  (90percentofeverything’s original Sugar demo is still the reigning popularity champ.)

The video is being slammed by devoted Lennon fans in the comments and ratings (I can’t remember the last time I saw a front-page video with only two stars), though we are received many enthusiastic private messages. Please rate and comment, however you feel about it.

2 thoughts on “Update: Dailymotion XO-ready videos, Lennon hits 100k views on Youtube

  1. Could we have a link to the video that is NOT you_tube? Yes, they’re a nifty company, but they’re not XO or child friendly, and I believe we should have some sort of consistent message – while having other options is good, _anything_ OLPC does should be foremost child-appropriate _and_ XO compatible. BTW, laptop.org has a format that does not play well with XOs either…

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