G1G1 is almost over… Dec 31 is two days away!

This year’s Give One, Get One program will be ending (in the US and globally) on midnight, December 31st (PST).  Our Simply Give and Give a School programs will continue unchanged, via Amazon and the OLPC website, respectively.

If you have been waiting to sort out matching programs or other details, you can send any last-minute questions to us at giving <at> laptop.org

UPDATE for blog fans only: G1G1 has officially ended, and we changed most links to point to the “Simply Give” page on Amazon at the turn of the year, but the product page will remain up so that those who have already donated can track their orders.  If you meant to take part in G1G1, or tried to unsuccessfully, you can still place a new order via the product detail page for a short while longer.

10 thoughts on “G1G1 is almost over… Dec 31 is two days away!

  1. Ending the program like this was very discouraging. The notices in November and December said that the G1G1 program would be “ongoing”. I waited until my savings bond matured, and now I’m finding out that the program ended months ago. I had my heart set on this.

  2. So there’s no way for me to get an XO? Regardless of how much I want to donate? And they could at least update the website… This page – http://laptop.org/en/participate/give-one-get-one.shtml – still clearly states:
    “The Give One, Get One program is a chance for you to donate an XO laptop to a child in a developing nation, and to purchase an XO laptop for yourself.”

    Finding this “news item” took ages.

  3. PLEASE RESUME G1G1 PROGRAM ASAP!! The termination of the program definitely missed a great chance to promote OLPC around our school community in Brookline, where there’s actually no awareness of it!

  4. I second the question about why is it not an ongoing campaign ? There is no info around about the reasons why it was stopped, or when it would restart. I have trouble getting involved in the community or wanting to make projects with it (schools, community centers) if I can’t have a feel for the machine.

  5. why end G1G1 at all? It should be an ongoing program. I, for one, feel cheated. Christmas is actually the worst time of year for me to donate. Spring is much better, winter heating bills are no longer a concern, government fiscal year end is just past, and so on. I think the overall aims of the program are hampered because of this short 6 week window.

  6. This is pretty crap notice – I had emailed help@laptop.org two weeks ago and got a “sure, we’ll give you plenty of notice, but we don’t know when it’s ending” response back. What’s the rush??

  7. I got one in time and it is great. However, I didn’t get a tax deductible receipt for the $199 that goes to the laptop for a child. Can I get that? If not, why not?

  8. This is somewhat sudden, and not a lot of notice. I’d looked around earlier to see if there was a closing date, and the only thing I could find was something saying that there was no closing date at that time – which I took to mean it would be open for longer than last year, and I would have expected more than 2 days’ notice! Not really fair or helpful. I hope they do g1g1 again next year, and that it’s still the xo-1. It really is the coolest thing ever, and I just ordered (in a mad rush! and before I had budgeted to!) my second…

  9. If you’re on the fence DO IT. I got mine today and this little laptop ROCKS. I am glad to help this cause. I hope we beat last year’s number!

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