Video: A Message from John Lennon

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

This has been a long and amazing year.  Thanks to support from Yoko Ono, a little digital magic, and some more beautiful animation from TAXI, we have a video message from John Lennon about the power of education to change the world.  See for yourself.

And I feel obligated to remind you of these two great videos:

UPDATE: Lennon is now a top-2010 video on Youtube, and the top in many countries… with a lot of media interest in South America and Europe.  It is quite a polarizing spot.

UPDATE: Lennon is now, after less than a week, the most popular OLPC video online, eclipsing the Sugar demo and TED clips in total viewership, with almost 1100 comments.

Postscript: I have the full cut of the final G1G1 thank-you video montage, now posted on Dailymotion.  Simply beautiful.  Thank you to Jason and Michelle for pulling that together.

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