Outside linking in : roundup

A lot of other blogs are linking here, and a lot of articles are linking to the wiki or recent post.  A selection:  ipodindia, dualiko, the-informer.info, ajun.org, inteeer gadgets, freegadgetnews, spotgadgets, gps-navigation, wiredpen, ontorebd.

Internationally : e-day.it and pasteris.it, and a few German-language posts

Yama posted one of his inimitable essays, pony and all, on the blog that everyone can edit.   John Paczkowski wins the prize for the catchiest post.

Comment here if you want your own thoughts added to this list.  I’ve also seen a few good threads for pulling out more ‘best of OLPC commentary’ quotes… some of them with helpful reflections.  Those are worth listing, as well.