The award-winning documentary film, WEB, will have its global release next week!

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We’re excited to announce that the award-winning documentary film, WEB, will have its much anticipated global release in partnership with Social Media Week next week!

The film features OLPC Founder, Nicholas Negroponte and chronicles children in remote villages in the Andes Mountains and Amazon Jungle gaining access to XO laptops and the Internet for the first time. It is a poignant embodiment of the theme of Social Media Week’s global conference, “Reimagining Human Connectivity.”


Over the course of the four day conference, WEB will be screened in 7 cities around the world, kicking off a global release of the film on online platforms like iTunes and Amazon.

As part of Social Media Week, the film will be screened in Berlin, Johannesburg, Miami, Mumbai, London, Rotterdam and Rome, exclusively for conference attendees.

The film will be released simultaneously online for those who can’t attend but wish to take part in this exciting global conversation about access to information, new forms of community and collaboration and the connected world we are creating together.

Those interested in seeing WEB can purchase passes to attend social media week at, view the film online at or visit for information about hosting their own local screening.

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