MoneyGram, OLPC donate 250 tablets to students in SA

Thursday 31 July 2014 | 18:13 CET | News

MB-OLPC-20140730_025 The MoneyGram Foundation and the One Laptop Per Child Foundation (OLPC) have donated 250 tablets to students in South Africa’s Masibambane Junior Primary School in Orange Farm. The MoneyGram Foundation’s grant facilitates the initiation of the OLPC pilot program and provides access to technology to the Masibambane School as a way to support and supplement its existing curriculum. This XO tablet-based program is intended to combat social exclusion and to encourage individual empowerment amongst student users. The XO tablet that the OLPC Masibambane Learning Environment program is centered on was developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and features a 7.5-inch optical multi-touch display screen. It is loaded with an array of e-learning software that both enables and tracks each child’s educational progress.MB-OLPC-20140730_026 MB-OLPC-20140730_022MB-OLPC-20140730_030


2 thoughts on “MoneyGram, OLPC donate 250 tablets to students in SA

  1. I am happy to hear about this, many students of South Africa can use the “xo” tablets in many schools, and thanks for “MoneyGram” it is a strong advocate for education worldwide!!!

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