5 thoughts on “Fox Reviews the XO Tablet

  1. I see your video, and i can say that you product is really good, your XO TABLET show very nice. It back cover was really nice, it’s apps and camera really good, I need a XO TABLET and i got it. Thank you

  2. It looks like a great product, but the price is high. Understand sending one to under privileged countries,but what about our kids here in the States? is there a program that would send kids here a free one? we have underprivileged kids here also. I have 4 grandkids myself that would love this product. But I can’t afford to buy each one of them one. Since I left my email will this get read and something sent back to me. Or am I just posting a comment?

  3. Wouldn’t it be ideal if every child in every country had the ability and capabilities to learn from each other? That’s the idea behind the Laptops for Kids program. The ambitious not-for-profit program is determined to put a laptop in the hands of children in poor nations, children who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to learn to use a computer.

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