Games to transform the lives of children


Thanks to  Superchef, CuidarMe and ParticipAcción video games available in the SugarLab activities platform to download, children belonging to the Red Unidos are becoming agents of change. Through these interactive games that have had great success in the network, this strategy has helped to foster social innovation, learning healthy habits related to nutrition, and good practices in the field of family dynamics.

The three games are part of the transforming project implemented under the agreement signed between the National Agency for Overcoming Extreme Poverty – ANSPE, the organization One Laptop Per Child – OLPC and the city of Chia, a program that primarily benefits 240 children and girls from 7-12 years of the municipality of Chia, belonging to Red Unidos.

Children who are part of this program will receive laptops under the training model implemented by the OLPC community worldwide, including training workshops also involving their parents. The results of these workshops and initiatives for children will be published on the website designed especially for the program.

The success of the games has been evident after being available for two weeks in SugarLabs activity platform. Those were classified within the top ranking downloads. This expands the possibility that more children know and can start the process of transforming their lives and their environment.

It is hoped that this experience can be replicated and scaled up in other  zones of Extreme Poverty, to contribute to improve the quality of life for children and families “Unidas”.

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