Neonode(R) Powers One Laptop Per Child’s Newly Launched Laptop XO-4 Touch

Neonode’s Robust and Efficient Multisensing(R) Solution For Laptop Convertibles Debuts on Acclaimed OLPC Laptop Device

Neonode Inc., NEON +0.76% , the optical touch technology company, today announces that its robust, cost efficient and sustainably low-powered MultiSensing Technology is integrated into One Laptop Per Child’s (OLPC) new XO-4 Touch.

The XO-4 Touch, which is now shipping globally, is the evolution of OLPC’s successful XO-1 laptop series, and now leverages Neonode’s Multisensing Technology to augment usability, and user experience.

In light of its target market, this laptop convertible is developed to be virtually childproof, with strict requirements for safety, durability, cost, and power-efficiency. These demanding specifications are also valid for the touch requirements, and are implemented via Neonode’s MultiSensing(R) solutions, which excel in each of the above-mentioned areas.

OLPC’s rigorous requirements include:

— Exceptional power efficiency, that supports hand-crank charging

— A touch-based user interface that works without adding cover-glass, thereby maximizing glare-free readability in sunlight

— Integration of low-cost parts that are durable, yet easily replaced and repaired

— Enabling high-performance touch functionality in less-than-ideal environments that may include dust, dirt, and moisture

“We are proud to deliver our technology to a forward-thinking partner such as One Laptop Per Child,” says Thomas Eriksson, CEO at Neonode. “To see the X0-4 Touch come to market is truly a milestone for us, and a testament to the all-round quality, stability, and versatility of our technology. While the OLPC laptop is a very basic device, its touch performance and cost requirements are similar to those of regular convertibles. We are also appreciative for the close and inspiring working relationship with OLPC, whose vision to push education, entertainment and knowledge, to children around the globe, continues to inspire us every day. Thus we are happy to contribute with a creativity-inducing touch experience to the very same children. Moreover, we are grateful for OLPC’s rigorous design-in experience, which will likely serve us well, as we imminently enter mainstream laptop PC markets,” he concludes.

Read more about the cooperation here.

OLPC has strategic partnerships with world-class educational content developers, including Sesame Street Workshop, UNESCO and Little Pim, to provide content for the XO laptops and tablets. OLPC, created by faculty members from the MIT Media Lab, sells the laptops in large quantities to governments and private institutions around the world, that in turn issue them to children or schools on a basis of one laptop per child

About Neonode

Neonode Inc. NEON +0.76% develops and licenses the next generation of MultiSensing touch technologies, allowing companies to differentiate themselves by making high performing touch solutions at a competitive cost. Neonode is at the forefront of providing unparalleled user experiences that offer significant advantages for OEM’s. This includes state-of-the-art technology features such as low latency pen or brush sensing, remarkably high speed scanning, proximity-, pressure-, and depth sensing capabilities and object-size measuring.

Neonode’s patented MultiSensing technology is developed for a wide range of devices like mobile phones, tablets and e-readers, toys and gaming consoles, printers and office equipment, automotive or inflight infotainment systems. NEONODE, the NEONODE Logo, MULTISENSING, and zFORCE are trademarks of Neonode Inc. registered in the United States and other countries. LIQUID SENSING, IT MAKES SENSE and ALWAYSON are trademarks of Neonode Inc. For more information please visit

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