Marvell on the XO-4

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Marvell is proud to be an institutional partner in the noble mission of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC). The idea is pretty simple— create educational opportunities for the world’s children by providing each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected laptop complete with content and software that enables self-empowered learning. More than two million sturdy green OLPC laptops have been sent to children in far flung locations such as Nepal, Peru, Rwanda and Uruguay, connecting these kids to each other and the world.

OLPC’s new model, the XO 4.0 Touch is a laptop with a touchscreen. The Touch not only improves the existing display, it marks the first time OLPC has been able to provide touchscreen technology to its users. No one else has been able to deliver a touchscreen that is childproof, repairable and sun-readable — until now.

The XO 4.0 is powered by the Marvell ARMADA PXA2128. Optimized by ARM v7 high-performance mobile processors with Hybrid-SMP technology at up to 1.2GHz, the PXA2128 reduces power consumption by roughly half and enables an extended battery life thanks to a low-power mobile (LPM) processor.

Features of the Marvell ARMADA PXA2128 include:

  • Marvell optimized ARM®v7 dual High-Performance Mobile (HPM) processors with Hybrid-SMP technology at up 1.2GHz
  • Architecturally matched ARMv7 Low-Power Mobile (LPM) processor optimized with Hybrid-SMP technology for extended battery life
  • Dual-channel independent memory controllers (LPDDR2 or DDR3/DDR3L)
  • Multiple power islands, dynamic voltage/frequency scaling, clock and power gating and standby modes
  • Powerful hardware accelerators for 2D/3D graphics, 1080p video, HiFi audio codecs and camera ISP
  • Dedicated security engine with hardware keys, secure memory and ARM® TrustZone® for secure boot and cryptography

Marvell’s Avastar 88W8787 delivers the wireless performance and range that will make the XO 4.0 a connected learning experience. Designed for both simultaneous and independent operation of the following:

  • IEEE 802.11a/g/b and 802.11n payload data rates for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
  • Bluetooth 3.0 + High Speed (HS) (also compliant with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR)
  • FM transmit and receive (digital encoder/decoder FM radio with RDS/RBDS)
  • The device supports the 802.11i security standard through implementation of the AES/CCMP, WEP with TKIP, AES/CMAC, and WLAN WAPI security mechanisms


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  1. Thanks for presenting at IAAC. At a time when Spanish families are deeply concerned about feeding and educating their children in this “developed” country it was refreshing to learn about how societies with even less are being empowered through learning.

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