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  1. The Ethiopian government deliberately restricts not only access to technology, but also to the Internet. Currently, out of 90 million Ethiopians, only .5 million or 500,000 have limited Internet access, as that it is very expensive. The regime is a ludite, it thinks its starving children and their parents will overthrow its communistic and one party dictatorship with email, though citizens of ethipoia can not own guns and can not afford to own one. But it is the nature of this tribal dictatorship dealing a fatal blow on the lives of people and leading to further starvation and hopeless future.

  2. As 77 German handicapt engineer living in Salvador, Bahia in Brazil I have had a vision 1 year ago:
    A very little boy smeared with his very small finger letters on my iPad.
    An “app.” – a special application – a so called program for young children, had made
    to play with and having fun.
    A small boy was smearing with his little finger letters as animated by the program.
    He was so involved and with such a joy without noticing that he was just about to learn writing. The proud father standing by, told me later that his son was only two years old!
    Let us do everything what is necessary to distribute
    iPads and other tablet-PCs for free in all favelas in Salvador (and in the world)!
    In my vision I see, all the poor children in Salvador, how they with their little fingers full of zeal and joy smear letter, pick numbers and paint all sorts of figures.

  3. hello i am a teacher in one of governmental school in addis ababa, when i see the video i thought what if this tablet gets in my school, the children will learn reading very fast so please help us to teach the children reading in modern way.
    thank you

    • I agree, I think it is a very interesting initiative for children to learn! I am doing a podcast about the OLPC project in Ethiopia for my University. Would you, biruk, be willing to be interviewed over skype? It would be great to get the view of an Ethiopian teacher in my podcast!

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