Universal Accesss Awards

Last Thursday November 1st 2012, Knight Foundation invited OLPC to attend the Universal Access Awards at the University of Miami.

The Universal Access Awards event is designed to recognize those individuals, entities and institutions in South Florida who have made a positive impact in our community by using technology that increases access to information, reduces the cost of technology or increases connectivity among members of our community.

Robert Hacker, CFO OLPCA
George Martinez, Director/IT Knight Foundation

Knight Foundation as a proud sponsor of the event, submitted a video of OLPC’s  project at Holmes for the ceremony.

As part of the foundation’s Universal Access Initiative which supports projects in communities across the country to ensure digital access for all.


The awards were presented by the South Florida Digital Alliance/Miami-Dade Broadband Coalition, which works to create technology infrastructure and services to advance economic development and individual empowerment in the community.


Robert Hacker, CFO OLPCA
Melissa Henriquez, Educational Coordinator OLPC


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