OLPC Update

One Laptop per Child has grown and suceeded over the years in part due to the efforts
of an extraordinary unpaid volunteer community who have dedicated their time and
energy into developing OLPC projects around the world.

One such volunteer is Satish Jha who has devoted years of effort to soliciting interest in
one-to-one laptop computing from various branches of the Indian Government. OLPC is
grateful for all of his efforts and commitment to the OLPC mission.

As OLPC continues to evolve, we are placing greater emphasis on soliciting project sponsors from the private sector and foundations. Such an approach requires a new
team and a new approach in India. Future projects with any branch of the Indian
Government will be directly handled by the OLPC Association based in Miami, Florida,

Therefore, as of August 31, 2012 Satish Jha no longer represents OLPC in India or
elsewhere. We thank him for his contribution to the OLPC mission.

Any inquiries with respect to new projects in India should be directed to
countries@laptop.org. We expect to announce a new head of the OLPC project in India
in the near future. The OLPC India website (http://olpcindia.net/en/) should no longer be considered an authoritative source of information on OLPC in India or elsewhere.

1 thought on “OLPC Update

  1. Dear Mr. Nicholas Negroponte,

    The project OLPC is one of the best product I have ever gone through.
    We at e-GOGY Education Pvt. Ltd. are working at the same concept where our mission is “Quality Education Accessible and Affordable to All.” Here we would like to join OLPC as Content Developers as we already have a huge library of 3D-HD Educational Content which can be loaded on an OLPC laptop making the product even richer on content part along with all its other benefits.
    Kindly go through the presentation of our educational curriculum on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQwVx9EzgCM
    Waiting for your response.

    Mukesh Chadha,
    e-GOGY Education Pvt. Ltd.

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