OLPC job opening: support techs in Charlotte, NC

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina are seeking 4 support technicians to support the 3000+ students taking part in the OLPC program as part of Project L.I.F.T. This job will involve day-to-day IT support, maintenance and installations at the school site: including XOs, servers, and networking equipment.

A longer job description follows:

Main Responsibilities:
Prepare and maintain technical infrastructure at 2 of the benefited schools
Laptop maintenance and repair at 2 of the benefited schools
Develop teachers technical skills
Assist during teacher training or any laptop activities at school level
Provide computer support (respond to support calls/emails; research
and solve software and hardware issues; go to the user’s workstation
when necessary to assist)
Provide daily break-fix functions for software and hardware supported
Provide software upgrades as necessary
Participate in software testing
Create, maintain and deploy software images
Install and update software applications
Disk backup and recovery
Maintain and update inventory

Knowledge and experience with UNIX or Linux system operator or admin
operating system and software whether it be Linux or Windows
Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related field preferred
Proficient in computer hardware maintenance
Superior problem-solving and analytical skills
Excellent organizational and social skills
Effective time manager
Ability to relate with teachers and non-technical staff as well as children
Willingness to work nontraditional hours to ensure program success
throughout school district

Benefits and Salary:
Salary for this position is competitive and depends on prior
experience. In addition, a comprehensive benefits package is included.

1 thought on “OLPC job opening: support techs in Charlotte, NC

  1. Sir it is a great step for students.
    Sir I have done D.A.E ( Diploma of associate engineer ) in Telecommunication but I have no right plate form for useing my skills and gain more experience.
    Please give me chance too.
    Ill be very greatful to you.

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