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Monsoon Grey posts an update on the school pilot in Goa, about a lesson in Turtle Art, with a photoset by intern Bindi Dharia. Harriet Vidyasagar, who helped get the first school projects in India underway, continues to support the project.

The team writes about the new activities they have installed for all of the students this year, including “I Know India”, and the workshop they organized for new teachers for the coming year.

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  1. Bindiji,

    When the Govt acquires for school and you question, the education secretary oversees it and you question then there is something questionable about it. Its the approach you may have taken that may have raised the questions. A Government is Not a School, it runs hundreds and thousands of schools. If you post what you are trying to study, one may be able to help.


    • Saurabh:

      I am not sure I understood what you were trying to say in your most recent comment, or with what objective, but I would second Sameer and Bindi and request you to provide more information about these ‘verified list of OLPC deployments in India’ (verified by whom?) that you’ve mentioned in your earlier comment. Blogs, websites or any information available online would help. Especially since this is the first time that I am hearing of so many OLPC deployments within India. It would be good to be in touch with the people on the field managing all these deployments and to share information.

  2. Saurabh let me clarify the confusion for you. I am the intern listed in the post above and in the picture. Yes I have been questioning all the schools and calling them to see if the laptops are being used, what impact they have seen. If you look at the list that you yourself have posted in your comment, some of them are not even schools. Listing the Government of Manipur or Ahmedabad, Gujarat definitely raises some questions about which school the deployment is in, how many laptops are deployed and what are they being used for. Since you have confidently posted this list, I am sure you have the information about the schools. Why don’t you provide this information and it would clear a lot of confusion for everyone on this forum and I.

  3. Some intern in India is going around questioning that all the schools where OLPC is deployed are not verifiable. She is clearly not up to speed and is creating confusion. The following is a verified list of OLPC deployments in India and there are some others that may be added. If anyone is aware of them, please add to it. Thanks.

    Current Deployments:

    Govt of Manipur, Imphal, Manipur (1000 laptops procured by the State Govt)
    Katha Khazana School, Govindpuri, Kalkaji, New Delhi
    Kusgaon Village School, Distt Pune, Maharashtra
    Udaan Schools, Uttarakhand (Dr Veena Sethi)
    Keekerwale Primary School, Shriganganagar, Rajasthan
    Chiragh Grammar School, Uttar Pradesh
    Khairat school, Khairat-Dhangarwada Village, Maharashtra
    Parikrma Center for Learning, Bangalore, Karnataka
    Aradhna Convent School, Bangalore, Karnataka
    Holy Mother School, Nashik, Maharasthra
    Saint-Anthony School, Dugawar
    Auroville, Tamil Nadu
    Mandal Parishad Primary School, Aziznagar AP
    Venu Udayar Middle School, Palayanur village, Tamil Nadu.
    Poorva Maadhyamik Vidyalaya, Bhagmalpur, Distt Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh
    Chiragh Grammar School, Meerut (U.P.) and Project Writeup
    Belgaum District, Karnataka
    Ahmedabad, Gujarat funded by MangoTree Group

    • Can anyone help us connect with the programme of the Govt of Manipur, Imphal. Is that correct 1000 laptops deployed?
      We would like to share our teacher training programmes with the teachers in Manipur and also see the work they are doing with their XOs

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