3 thoughts on “Why we need OLPC in the US (img)

  1. Better news? Don’t blame the media – culture comes for free or at very low costs, and not from a television.
    Any public library, second hand book and “daddy’s” encyclopedia would do. Not to mention the cheapest laptop to access wikipedia.
    Change starts from turning off the television and actively looking for information.

    Hear, hear!

  2. That’s true – we surely need better news sources, providing better context and a wider spectrum of topics. Access to information only gets you so far if the information available is of haphazard value.

  3. Interesting side notes from that.. the people who scored highest in knowing approx 300 million would be the people who most likely read newspapers and watch TV news (over 45 years old). [Of course assumptions like that are silly with statistics that don’t test for that.. but hey I can make crazy conjectures.]

    I do agree a better education system is needed but also a better news system as knowing the population is going to be taught more from being aware of what is going on around you.

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