XO-3 Press roundup

Updated Wednesday with more tech and design coverage.

A quick summary of the latest 250 articles about the XO-3 launch (updating regularly; links welcome in comments):

The VergeXO 3.0 tablet photos and video
GizmodoHands on with the $100 wonder tablet
Ars TechnicaCharging by crank, bicycle, and waterwheel

FT – first video look
Forbes – tablets solar kinetic chargers
Telegraph – xo-3 unveiled
WSJ – olpc says…
IBT – steve jobs (!)
Sac Bee – marvell and olpc
Register – xo tablet android linux

OLPC.TV – xo-3 unveiled
Liliputing – olpc to introduce
Engadget – xo 3.0 hands on
Slashdot – xo-3 but not for
Slashgear – xo-3 hands on
Mashable – olpc tablet
T3 – xo3 tablet
Gizmodo – first images
Wired gadget – olpt finally (video)
PCMag – article
LaptopMag – 6 min of hand crank
CNET – tablet to launch
Digital Trends – show off tablet
GigaOm – offgrid clean power solar

Education Week – low-cost tablet debuts
Tech 4 Teachers – xo-3 tablet
Edudemic – replace ipad in classroom
New Scientist – one percent: OLPC

FastCo Design – fuseproject third-gen olpc
Dexigner – yves behar unveils
Design Week – behar tablet

Other blogs and mags:
Venture mag – ARM fuels
Market 2 Phones – olpc tablet

atcasa – il nuovo tablet per bambini


heise.de – gallery

13 thoughts on “XO-3 Press roundup

  1. Could a video be shown of the XO3 running Android?

    We are still working on the Android port. The tablet will not be in production until late this year.

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  3. p.s. and if you do make a buy 1 get 1 program, please also consider Europe. Europeans are already very into charity, so it must work well.

  4. I’m rooting for you. Glad to see you’re finally getting a more positive image in the media (all newspapers wall talking about how the xo-3 was released “in time”, and were very positive).
    Please make a buy one get one program. I would be really glad to participate, as I’m sure MANY people would. heck I would be happy with a buy 3 get 1 program! it would give OLPC the means to distribute to many extra children.

  5. The International Association of Special Education provides volunteers worldwide. I just got back from the Don Bosco center in Cochin, India. There are boys and girls of all ages living there who are in need of all the support they can get. How can I go about getting laptops for these students to support their academic development?

    • We are considering it, but have no such plans at the moment. We do want to make sure everyone is able to get an XO-3, and will try to minimize barriers to getting one.

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