e.Studyante : A new OLPC + connectivity program in the Philippines

Philippines has a number of amazing pilots underway. The grassroots eKindling group reports some remarkable success stories from their Lubang program, and have helped the province of Occidental Mindoro build on that success.

Now a new e.Studyante program in the Philippines, started in the Manila, plans to providing primary students with OLPCs and connectivity for the next 25 years. This program was started by P&G Philippines, along with Smart Communications (providing Internet connectivity) and the Synergeia Foundation.

e.Studyante recently launched at the Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School in Tondo, Manila. The program focuses on engaging education, supported by technology: it distributes XOs to students, provides other tools and training for teachers, and includes vetting and updating educational software and materials. It aims to make learning “fun, empowering, relevant, and easier” for kids, and to reach 1 million primary students by its 100th anniversary in 24 years – roughly 40,000 a year.

Chad Sotelo, P&G’s Country Marketing Manager, explained:

“We intend for this to complement traditional learning methods and tools instead of competing with them… A laptop and Internet connectivity becomes [their] window to the world’s knowledge and places it at their fingertips in real-time. People and places they had no access to before are now within their reach. These tools expand their horizons and minds and encourage them to dream and attain a brighter future.”

The program is funded in part through the sale of P&G promo packs, at retail outlets across the country; part of the price of each pack goes to the program.

3 thoughts on “e.Studyante : A new OLPC + connectivity program in the Philippines

  1. God bless to all the people who initiated this wonderful program for the Filipino children. Its really a great help to the pupils to improve their studies and become globally competitive. As a teacher, I’m also dreaming of having this laptops to my school. I see that these will help much our pupils as well as my co-teachers who are not fortunate to have and learn this new technology. I wish that my school could also be a beneficiary of this program. God Bless all the people behind this project!

    From: Ruby L. Nagera of Gregorio Pimentel Memorial School, Daet Camarines Norte

    • Ms. Nagera, you can reach the eKindling team via their blog. I know they have ideas about extending their program throughout Mindoro and possibly beyond – you could help them figure out (or vice-versa) how to make an OLPC project work at your school and in your district.

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