Sugar on Nokia, Ubuntu, and computers near you

Sugar has been moving steadily to many platforms and distros beyond the XO and Fedora. Last year Guy Sheffer helped to get it working on the Nokia 810. This February it was repackaged for Ubuntu. And Mirabelle, the latest version of ”Sugar on a Stick”, is a bootable image for a USB key that lets you use almost any computer to run Sugar.

Have you tried the latest Sugar Activities on your favorite laptop? Give it a try, run an intro session at show-and-tell or a local computer lab, or introduce it to a child you know who is learning to use computers… and let us know about it.

2 thoughts on “Sugar on Nokia, Ubuntu, and computers near you

  1. I might also point out that in my post about porting sugar in to the N810 the idea of sugar running on a smartphone seems much suiting to certain developing countries. In November I heard Tim Berners-Lee in the IGF talking the fact that most of the world is going to see the internet for the first time not from a conventional browser.
    It seems that the OLPC does not have to be only a green rouged laptop, different hardware can suit different terrain.

  2. I’m gonna buy my first laptop soon and i don’t know any thing about computers so, if I’m gonna get a laptop mainly for video games which one should I get? And it has to run them smooth and with nice graphics…Thank You 😆

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