PaleXO + Opensource = PyXO!

PaleXO, a team of amazing and enthusiastic volunteers dedicated to working with the XO and supporting childhood education in Palestine, just hosted their first python workshop, cleverly titled PyXO!

One of their members, Mohammad Nawahda, decided to start the dynamic team “to make sure PaleXOers get the proper training about Python to ensure they have what it takes to start developing some great local activities and customizing others.” The workshop appeared to be a great success with tons of members from the community excited to get involved and gain basic python training in order to help develop new activities to help Palestinian children learn with their XOs!

Check out their full blog post here!

4 thoughts on “PaleXO + Opensource = PyXO!

  1. I think both sides have their advantages and disadvantages. If we use CSS3, the size of the website won’t be large. But, not many browsers can support CSS3. If we’re using flash, large size is the problem. But the advantages, many browsers support the flash, and many users usually have adobe flash player.Thank you.

  2. Tena koe e hoaI want to thank you Vincent for bringing something inherently maaori and to the forefront of conventional society. Rain of the Children was a film with a context of Maori life (and times) that touched many similarities in my own life. The sometimes pagan but elemental spirituality of being and living in a Maori existence is not something easily equated or defined beyond the tongue. Often those (people) from outside the exposure of such life and the beliefs associated, have at best a minute sense of what it is like to live within such a synergy of whenua, tangata and wairua… the essences of being to which all levels of existence apply.

  3. Cairo, thank you for your comment! We are so interested in collaborating with Shara’a Simsim and are very familiar with your programs! I will actually be in Ramallah for OLPC this week and would love to meet if possible. Please email me at and perhaps we can speak further; I know several of my colleagues have already been in touch with your program and I look forward to learning more from you work.


  4. This sounds like a great initiative. How can I learn more about what you are doing and what kinds of programs are on the laptops for kids? We have educational materials for young children that could be added on.
    Cairo Arafat
    Sesame Street/Shara’a Simsim-Palestine

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