Sri Lankan president launches a national XO program

from the long time coming department:

Support for OLPC in Sri Lanka has been strong for some time, since Matt and Roger Sipitakiat visited them in early 2008.  After building a coalition of supporters, they have spent the past few months preparing for the launch of the country’s first 1300 machines.  This is a complex project despite the limited number of students involved, with underserved schools from each of Sri Lanka’s nine provinces taking part and direct oversight of the government – an indication of how this could work as part of a national deployment.

Today Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Education Minister Premajayantha presented the first 400 laptops at a public ceremony announcing this pilot program, in cooperation with the One Laptop Per Child Lanka Foundation, the World Bank, and a coalition of corporate donors (the Chart Foundation, Hatton National Bank, and mobile provider Tigo).  I can’t wait to see the first updates from the teachers and students after they have had a chance to start working together.

Sri Lankan President handing out laptops on December 10.

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa handing out laptops on December 10 at Temple Trees.

4 thoughts on “Sri Lankan president launches a national XO program

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  2. As a person that was an early education teacher for 11 years I believe in your cause. I do agree that these other coutries that are listed need to have a bridge for the knowledge gap that ha existed for years now. My only problem is that we tend to concentrate on only third world countries when we are focussing on things such as his. We do need this same thing in our own bak yard.the children in this country will never be able to grow up to compete in the job market if we don’t concentrate on bridging the gap in the United States.

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