OLPCorps is looking for project mentors

Earlier this week, we talked about the goals of OLPCorps. We also described the OLPCorps Support Committee, which is open to anyone interested in contributing to the program. The knowledge and experience of the OLPC community can play a huge role in the success of OLPCorps, as we try to build upon past successes and avoid prior and preventable mistakes.

Besides the roles described on the Support Committee wiki page, we’re looking for individuals interested in mentoring OLPCorps teams. If you have experience in deployments, pedagogy, technical work, international development, or another field related to OLPCorps, e-mail us at OLPCorps@laptop.org!

We’ll be having a conference call at 6 p.m. EDT on Sunday, March 8th to discuss how OLPC community members can support OLPCorps. As this call will focus on the Support Commitee and other ways to get involved, we won’t be discussing general OLPCorps questions. Please see our wiki page for answers to any question. If you’d like to join the call, please e-mail us at OLPCorps@laptop.org, and we’ll send you the call info. All are welcome!

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