Be Rewarding

Be Rewarding is a group that has been working on developing online educational quizzes in various languages that are fun and engaging, with participation linked to donations to related charities to encourage continued participation.  We have worked with them and their founder Elise Moussa (happy birthday, Elise!) for over a year, and it’s great to see their alpha site go live — it is looking quite beautiful and I wish it every success.

Check the project out and send them your feedback.

1 thought on “Be Rewarding

  1. It’s so exciting to see how we can raise education and funds for amazing non profits such as OLPC.

    I encourage you all to check out our really fun & interactive e-learning program at

    Be sure to also checkc out our blog for latest updates, contests with cool prizes & more!

    P.S. – Thanks SJ!

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