XO 9 : OS 9-on-XO

You can add one more OS family to the growing list can be conveniently emulated on your favorite green machine:  Richard Raucci got Mac OS 9 running nicely on his XO, and shows it off online.

Now if only can fix a Mac II emulator so that it runs full-screen, I could hack together a nice More activity for Dave Winer

3 thoughts on “XO 9 : OS 9-on-XO

  1. i think that this is dumb, im doing a research project for my history classs on this subject. The govermetns aid could be used in A LOT better ways than laptops. i get where your coming from, but if you want these children to have better education then its called using the goverment aid to buy NEW books and building a NEW school house and making a better environment for these children to learn. this is a good orginazation but you really should stop squandering the govermetns money to pay for laptops when you can get new medicine and other important things with it.

  2. OS9-on-XO feels like it should be a quasi-palindrome, though it’s really not. is there a name for palindromes that are only palindromic for a portion of their structure? The sort of structure that reminds one of palindromicity?

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