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There’s a lot going on that’s too short for the blog, and today I started working on a list of one-line daily notes, including a site of the day (today: Mexico’s free-content site about their OLPC deployment and plans) and an article of the day (today: the Yay-bee-see content bundle that was just posted yesterday by the prolific Ben Sittler.  After a bit of polish tonight, perhaps I’ll make it into a single collated blog post as well.  Props to Walter Vermeir, whose lovely Wikizine has been an inspiration to me for some time.

One point of particular interest: Amazon’s conversion rates (the number of people who follow OLPC’s referrer link and buy something) jumped to 3.5% yesterday; update Dec 1: and was at 4.5% over the past weekend.  That’s a good sign.  And after a slow launch of laptop.org/global, we’re now seeing thousands of people referred to the international G1G1 page each day as well.

I still have a long AMZN wishlist.  There are still many more people getting G1G1 laptops than getting the Fedora SD cards, which aren’t explicitly available as a two-fer package (I still don’t know how those are generated), and the OLPC manual is still taking days to pass through ISBN processing and marking, so it isn’t available via their site at all.  But some of the stats they provide are quite helpful.

2 thoughts on “Daily blurbs; Amazon conversion rates

  1. Fedora SD card? Could you give us a direct link to where to buy that on Amazon, at least? This is the first I’ve heard about it.

    And heck, I’ve got a block of 10 ISBN numbers I could sell you, if that’s what’s holding things up.

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