G1G1 International : the US, Canada, and 42+ other countries

G1G1 will be global this year, available (via laptop.org/global) in every country where the XO has passed certification and labelling requirements.

This is an initial list of countries we will be shipping to.  To send a laptop to anywhere but the US, you’ll need to enter your information via amazon.co.uk, and (for now) pay roughly 50 GBP in shipping. Update: we are working on reducing the shipping costs for the EU and Canada.

We are adding to this list all the time.  If you don’t see your country listed, and can help us work through the requirements where you live, let me know.  You can preorder a G1G1 laptop directed to any address in the world where UPS ships, excluding the six embargoed countries below.  We prioritize the countries in which we quicken the certification process based partly on the level of interest and the number of preorders, so make your interest known!

You can currently receive your G1G1 “Get” machines in any of the following countries:

North America : Canada, the United States

Central & South America : Haiti, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay

Europe : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom

Middle East : Iraq APO addresses

Africa : Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda

Asia : Afghanistan, Mongolia, Nepal, Australia.

Countries where you will not be able to receive G1G1 machines:

Countries under embargo in the US : Cuba, Iran, Iraq (except for APO addresses),  North Korea. the Sudan, and Syria.

All machines shipped this year will be US/International keyboards.  Details to come on the available adapters; UK, and US adapters will be available; some EU recipients will also receive or will need to get a US-to-EU converter.

Australia is getting final certification this week, and launching their own G1G1 OZ.  Updates coming and contacts still needed for: APO addresses for Fulbright scholars and military deployments overseas, South Africa, Bolivia, India, Pakistan, China, Taiwan, and Russia… as well as most other African countries.

26 thoughts on “G1G1 International : the US, Canada, and 42+ other countries

  1. I would appreciate if you would remove my message on your blog… I do not like have my contact information displayed publicly without my permission.

    Thank you, Bette S. (done! — sj)

  2. Hello Odongo, OLPC isn’t taking solicitations for places to send small donations, but we do still support groups that want to buy dozens to hundreds of XOs to use them for primary education.

  3. I wish to get in partnership with supporting individuals or organisatios around the world who or which can support us develop our rural nursery and prmary school.
    the school is called FAITH NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL. Its found in Bugiri district, in Eastern Uganda, East Africa in Africa. who can help us deveop the school up to any level. We welcome any support in any form. The is a multi- religous school ran mostly teachers who mobilised meagre resorces ad established this school in abid to fight illiteracy, poverty, backwardness, ignorance, diseases and unemployment.
    our email address in odongorobert15@yahoo.com.

  4. I would like to know how we in Uganda in east Africa can benefit from your services. Because school is in the rural area in Uganda called FAITH NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL we cannot access computer services.


  5. Hi,
    I live in Tanzania,East Africa,we don’t have credit card,visa,etc.The payment method is very difficult for importing stuff from abroad.I need to import a laptop urgently.How can i do it while every computer company insist fo credita card,visa,mastercard etc.We live in third world.Nothing of such cards exists here.Please help urgently!

  6. l wish to meet visionary organisation across the world who can help Nigerians,especially my village where l have just establish a Nursery and primary school situated at Igbotako Osooro in Okitipupa,Ondo state,Nigeria to build an ICT center to train college drop outs and students of the school.You may contact me through email paulogworld08@yahoo.com or Post Office box…P.O.Box649 Akure,Ondo State Nigeria.Poverty can only be alleviate when the people living in it are educated and empower

  7. I,m a student of Federal University of Technology,Akure,an indigen of Okitipupa in Ondo state,Nigeria hoping to meet vissionary

  8. I find it difficult to believe that a machine with a US/International keyboard will give children who speak and write OTHER languages access to internet and help them learn about computer technology (?). These computers must only be intended for former British colonies and American territories. They could be used to teach English of course and if they had tactile screens children could bypass the keyboard some of the time. I am of the opinion that it’s a little too soon for this. You need to wait for the next generation of tactile/voice-operated devices (which may be telephones instead of computers).

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  11. Dear Sir/Madam

    I run a registered,formal ,mainstream,day,co-educational English medium school which provides quality and “free education” to the downtrodden children in India. These students need “not pay” any “school fees” throughout the year. The school started in 2005. The school started with Lower KG (Lower pre-primary). Gradually one class is increasing every year. The present year Class-II has been opened. So the total classes at present are- Lower KG, Upper KG, Class-1, Class-2. The school has been planned to open till class-12(twelve), so that these vulnerable children become matured and are able to stand on their own feet. They can earn for their livelihood and to sustain ownself, their family and their future studies after passing out from this school.

    My school project is registered in “United Nations” online volunteering.It is a global ,non profit,charity organisation of Bonn,Germany.

    http://www.onlinevolunteering. org/en/org/members/

    My school project is also registered in “Nabuur”.It is a global,non-profit,charity organisation of Netherland.


    “Tax Exemption” have been granted to my school organisation, by Indian Government.

    As India had been ruled by British for more than 200 years, and as a result, English has become the official language throughout the country.English is also the major communicating language in India. The ex-students with English medium background are getting the first preference in job nationally as English serves to be the major communicating language in India. But the downtrodden children are deprived from this privilege of good and quality English education due to extreme financial crisis. As the parents/guardians of these downtrodden children, often have to tolerate the pathos of letting their children go starved. So they cannot afford for good English education which is very expensive.

    Please extend your best cooperation , in order to develop these helpless,poverty struck,vulnerable children to achieve bright,safe & secured future.

    Please let me know,other organisations of your knowledge,which can be of help to the development of my school’s downtrodden children.

    Thank you for your consideration and time.

    I look forward to hear.

    Best regards,

    Ms.Sushmita Lahiri

    Kalna Blooming Bud Academic Society

    Baromitra Para,
    West Bengal,

    Email; sushmita.lahiri@yahoo.co.in

  12. Deb,

    Have you looked at givemeaning.com? They do something similar to what you’re describing. I’m not sure if in all cases you can get tax receipts but they’re worth taking a look. Good luck.


  13. Deb,

    We do not have nonprofit status in Canada and can only provide a US charitable receipt. We are looking into what Canadian foundations we could ally with to receive such donations. Seth Woodworth in particular is working to find a way to allow your contribution… we have forged a similar alliance in France with the Fondation de France.


  14. My 13 year old daughter held a fundraiser in May 2008 to raise funds for OLPC. She raised $20,000 but our foundation restricts us in making donations to organizations that can provide us with a Canadian charitable receipt. OLPC does not appear to be registered in Canada. Does anyone know how we can flow this money through to OLPC? We haven’t been able to find anyone at OLPC to help us. I’m wondering if it’s possible to make a donation to another international charity on the condition that they direct the funds to OLPC. We need to pay out the donation by December 31, 2008 so any help would be appreciated.

  15. Ed,

    Can you post details about these plans? It makes me uncomfortable that you write regularly about these plans, and encourage people to talk to you about funding and [apparently private? do you have an et mailing list?] collaboration, without making any details public.

    The details that you do mention are tantalizing and seem to change frequently; I am sure that others would benefit from an exchange of meta-ideas about how best to proceed in specific regions.


  16. Jose, Earth Treasury has a plan to give children most of the benefits of the One Laptop Per Child program using _two_ donated computers per child, one at school and one at home. The students can carry their work and a bootable copy of the Sugar software on a USB flash drive, and use it on any computer they have permission to reboot. And for computers in schools in coffee-growing villages on Mt. Kilimanjaro, and also for helping the growers move up the value chain with coffee roasting, branding, and marketing.

  17. Jose, have you been in touch with Yama Ploskonka (user:yamaplos on the OLPC wiki)? He is working on a project in Bolivia, and also trying very hard to get them added to our list of countries. I am personally greatly looking forward to that…

    Bette, I spent a week in the area around Kilimanjaro and have fond memories of the countryside there. You could take part through our GiveMany program, which I will be blogging about later this week — once we confirm that Tanzania is on our list countries where we can ship, it would cost roughly $260 per laptop for more than 100 laptops, plus any import taxes and tarriffs.


  18. Why amazon.co.uk only?
    I think that’s a mistake:

    Many european countrys pay with € .
    Britain is only a (small) part of the EU which didn’t join the €-zone.
    So all others are bothered with monetary exchange.

    At amazon.de shipping is free.
    At amazon.co.uk shipping is expensive.

    Why not amazon.fr or amazon.de or … ?
    I think, that you don’ t want to sell it at all.

    So if you don’t want to sell it –
    We, the €/continental Europeans will neither buy it nor donate it.

    I hope you will change your mind.

  19. I manage a US non-profit called the African Blackwood Conservation Project. We work in Tanzania, on and around Mt. Kilimanjaro, instituting tree planting and educational programs. We are trying to find a way to introduce computer technology into schools on the mountain. The wife of our African director is a primary school teacher there and works with the school district. Can you advise us as to how much it might cost under your G1G1 program, to ship computers to Tanzania? We are also wondering about how to go about accessing larger numbers of laptops.
    Bette Stockbauer

    African Blackwood Conservation Project

  20. This is my second year of participation. The laptop that I received I gave to a child in Raleigh, North Carolina as he was just learning to read. His eyes lit up and within days, she was making music and singing as well as keeping a journal. He uses the laptop for a pillow. My question is, may we add New Orleans sometime in the next five years. New Orleans was made a third world place in the United States through a combination of nature being unkind and a nation being neglectful. I have seen some of the art made by children in the ninth ward. May God help them. May the powers that be bless you at OLTPC. SusieRuthPowell, in the United States.

  21. I would like to know how we can get Bolivia involved in your program. Bolivia has, like most of the countries, two educational systems: Private and Public. The first one offers everything to their students, computers, internet, instructions on how to use, etc. In the public schools, the students do not have that “luxury”. When both groups graduate, the poor youngsters are far behind for life.

    In Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, South America, there is a project that needs help, it is called: “Minga Digital” in which they buy used computers, they refurbish them and then donate to the public schools to tray to narrow the difference in education compared to the private school students.

    They get the Colleges Senior Class from the computer department, together with the Professors, to teach the teachers, parents and students for the use of the computers; they get the internet providers to donate de service, the get the local government to build the room, and they get the organization to make sure everything goes well.

    I am a native Bolivian that migrated to America and eager to help my country of origin. Please let me know if there is any way your system can be matched with their system. I will appreciate very much your help.

    José M. Vargas-Bozo.

  22. Last year, US G1G1 participants got tax receipts while Canadians did not although some people did submit them if they had US income. So, my question is has this problem been solved? Will International G1G1 participants be able to get tax receipts good for their own countries, or will they only apply to US income again this year?!


    xo CG.

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