OLPC Website redesign : focusing on education

In preparation for our upcoming publicity blitz, we’ve launched a new website design today, with help from the Rubenstein Tech group.  A new site is overdue:  as we pass the first anniversary of mass production, almost 500,000 XOs have been distributed to teachers and children around the world, and tens of thousands are in the hands of developers, donors, and other contributors to the project.

The second year of the G1G1 program is lined up for success.  We have had 2500 new people join our announcements list in the past week.  In the office we have been working with great teams at Rubenstein, Amazon, Pentagram and Taxi to prepare for the surge of donated media, visitors, giving requests and video watchers expected over the coming weeks.

The goal of the site redesign is to bring renewed attention to the educational aspect of OLPC’s mission. It’s an education project, not a laptop project; the new design echoes this sentiment, looking beyond the technology to focus on how it is changing the lives of the children it benefits.
The new site is being soft launched this weekend, and can be seen now at laptop.org.  Let us know what you think.

2 thoughts on “OLPC Website redesign : focusing on education

  1. “we pass the one year anniversary of ” is awkward, redundant and incorrect as anniversary refers to the completion of a year. So “we pass the first anniversary of” is the correct form. I am making this comment because OLPC’s goal is supposed to be education.

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