Edtech Hazards

We saw a report by Human Rights Watch on Edtech hazards to children, and an academic media article covering it for the Australian context.

We thought about our OLPC XO-1, XO-1.5, XO-1.75, XO-4, and NL3 laptops and checked our processes against the advice to technology companies.

  1. stop collecting and processing children’s data for user profiling, etc; the only data that we collected was laptop serial number and Sugar activity name, for determining usage patterns of OLPC OS, not user profiling,
  2. stop sharing children’s data for purposes that are unnecessary; the data we collected was not shared or sold,
  3. apply child flags when data is shared; the data was not shared, but we do keep aware that the little data we have is child-related data,
  4. inventory and identify personal data; no personal data is collected, and we do not track serial number against child, though we can’t guarantee that this isn’t done by the owners of the laptop, such as schools and other education facilities,
  5. stop collecting categories of data that heighten risks to rights, such as location data and advertising identifiers; no such data was collected, and our laptops did not contain a location system such as GPS.

Looking forward, we partner with several other technology providers, and we rely on them to comply with regulations and human rights.

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