The OLPC Educational Program

Focus on Learning

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) is an educational program focused on individual learning. OLPC is based on the educational philosophy of “learning by doing” promoted by educators and computer scientists, including Seymour Papert and the MIT Media Lab. The OLPC educational program focuses on student-led learning which involves students drawing conclusions through creation and experimentation.  Use of the OLPC laptops empowers children’s cognitive development in a unique way as students construct knowledge and practice critical thinking skills. Through the process of creation and reflection, students are “learning to learn.”

The OLPC Difference

The OLPC educational program is backed by more than 40 years of research specifically focused on improving children’s learning experiences through the use of computers.  Computers provide a unique platform to accommodate a variety of learning styles and afford each child with an opportunity to reach his/her potential. OLPC provides participating schools, teachers and students with the technical and educational support they need to empower the greatest development of all students.

With proper implementation support, the OLPC educational program results in improved academic performance among participating students, enhanced learning environments and improved attitudes about learning and the future. OLPC works to involve the entire educational community in its innovative program in an effort to create a sustainable transformation in education.

Thank you for your continued support for education!

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