Arabic Forum: First Chat!

This week OLPC hosted the very first Arabic Chat to support our projects in the Middle East! The chat brought together our partners in the West Bank and Gaza for the first time to share their experiences with other members from the global OLPC community.

After introductions, the discussion was kicked off around the general usability benefits of the XO. An OLPC partner took to the podium to share their extensive field experiences and the positive outcomes of deploying the XO in Gaza including: training of more than 230 teachers and 2200 students in UNRWA schools, steps to create and implement new educational games specifically designed for the Palestinian platform.

One idea behind the Arabic Forum and these online chat sessions is to continue to facilitate the communication between OLPC partners and supporters. We managed to accomplish that during the chat, thank you for all those who signed in.

We hope more of you will join the Forum and stay tuned for future chats! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Arabic Forum: First Chat!

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